Events & Projects

Annual Serbian Festival
Long weekend in May – Victoria Day

European Film Festival
November 5-12

Tesla Road Initiative
This is an initiative put forward by the Serbian community to rename 243 Avenue E (Range Road 294 SE) to the name of Nikola Tesla Road. This road borders the location of our new church and cultural centre. Tesla is a cultural icon and inspiration to the Serbian people and it is the wish of the Calgary Serbian community to honour his memory with this initiative

Nikola Tesla Monument at the University of Calgary Campus
An initiative put forward by Tesla Society Calgary to raise the statue of Tesla in the Campus of the University of Calgary to honour the memory of the great scientist and inventor. Please visit for more details.

Calgary Tesla Award  – established by Tesla Society Calgary, awarding $1,500 cash prize and Substantial in-kind support to get idea off the ground at Innovation Reactor  (An Annual Event).
Intended for all University of Calgary undergraduate/graduate and post-doc students for innovative ideas/ventures that positively impact humanity and the planet (in the spirit of Nikola Tesla)

Tesla Award, Calgary 2017

Fundraising event Serbs for Serbs and Tesla Society – October 2017 in Calgary with honored guest Miodrag Sekulic, Consul from the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Ottawa

Annual Government Briefing on Alberta Economic Outlook, October 5, 2017

Consular days in Calgary 22nd & 23rd October 2017.

World Ski Cup Lake Louise, Alpine team Serbia, Marko Vukićević and Miloš Tomić


Mastering Diplomacy & Protocol
(Professional course) by expert lecturers Gary Biggs and Larry Dunham from Washington Center for Protocol - State Department/Pentagon & Alberta Government

- protocol & social intelligence
- establishing relations
- privileges and immunities
- visits, ceremonies
- international interactions
- business etiquette/flag etiquette/dining etiquette...

Great networking with distinguished guests from Consular Corps, ministers from Economic Trade and Development, head and presidents of International Relations dept of University of Calgary & University of Alberta







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